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The Missionmapping Workshop

A healthy organization is the result of its leadership's embrace of mission and knowledge of itself. Frequently, however, the daily demands of managing an organization can leave board members, volunteers and staff wondering: "Why are we here?" The question should be asked periodically, and prior to undertaking any major initiative.

The Missionmapping Workshop involves evaluative and diagnostic meetings with identified organizational leadership, followed by a half-day group workshop which facilitates leadership's understanding of, and commitment to, a plan of action.


The Missionmapping Workshop can help your leadership team rediscover the course for success, whether you are considering new projects or programs, or you just need a fresh look at your organization and what makes your mission so essential. Missionmapping can help focus the energy of leadership of new organizations or refocus the energy of existing organizations.

The Missionmapping Workshop is a process tailored by the client leadership team to map the most efficient outcome-oriented road to success. During the Missionmapping process, leadership will participate in a workshop that brings clear focus and the ability to

  • Diagnose the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing leadership
  • Evaluate the best opportunities and strategies related to specific initiatives
  • Create an action plan with delineated priorities
  • Move forward empowered to succeed.

The Missionmapping Workshop is not about strategic planning, as that is a specific task that will follow. Nor is The Missionmapping Workshop about fundraising, although that opportunity may also follow. The Missionmapping Workshop is pre-implementation, and prepares an organization to move forward fully informed and impassioned.


The true resource of The Missionmapping Workshop is the people involved—people with a passion for your mission. Missionmapping helps leadership answer the two fundamental questions at the root of all organizations: First, "Is the mission worthwhile?" Then, "Am I committed to putting my shoulder to the wheel?"

Through our process, the team works as a group to answer these questions, and in doing so refocuses the efforts of the organization towards its mission, while honoring each member's perspective and contribution.

The result? A plan of action that is your organization's map for moving forward fully informed and newly impassioned about your mission!

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