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Mission Funding Counsel

Teaching Us to Fish

Clients have said that Eric Staley “taught us to fish,” a concept that captures the spirit of Missionmapping's consulting support to those organizations seeking to improve their revenue streams through philanthropy.

Missionmapping prefers to talk about fundraising as “mission funding” because it keeps the process in perspective. Many organizations chase dollars without first understanding fully the impact of philanthropy on mission, and without a thorough understanding of the importance of relationships. Although an organization may succeed at raising the funds to meet their goals, once their campaigns or fund drives are over, the organization returns to the status quo rather than achieving a new level of capacity.

A Culture of Philanthropy

Missionmapping's counsel focuses on building an organization’s internal capacity for raising funds. The goal of counsel is not only to achieve objectives, but also to assist in the creation of a culture of philanthropy among your leadership and constituencies.

Additionally, Missionmapping's 30 years of experience with nonprofits leaves no question that “if we build it, they will come.” New and expanded facilities and programs create new and expanded community expectations of the nonprofit, and leadership may not recognize fully the consequences of philanthropic support.

Missionmapping counsels on the responsibilities of the shared ownership phenomenon that comes with a successful program in philanthropic mission funding.

A Comprehensive Approach

Philanthropy does not exist in a vacuum nor is it by itself a panacea for meeting the financial resource challenges facing most organizations. Missionmapping takes a comprehensive approach to mission funding programs and analyzes all revenue streams as part of the resource development equation.

More nonprofits are looking for earned income than ever before, or are exploring public/private partnership approaches to programming and projects. All nonprofits are searching for budget relief in their expenditure lines. Missionmapping approaches mission-funding through philanthropy as part of the total financial program, and by doing so, helps organizations make a stronger case for support through private philanthropic giving.

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