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The Missionmapping Analysis

Not-for-profits regularly face the challenges of cash flow, overhead, productivity, and capitalization, just as for-profits do. Unfortunately, most not-for-profits seldom examine their management structures, operational systems, and procedures to ensure their greatest efficiency. The end result is that their ability to fulfill their essential not-for-profit missions through programming and services may be severely impacted simply by the costs of operations.

The Missionmapping Analysis was developed as a unique way of analyzing not-for-profit activity from a bottom-line perspective, while maintaining the integrity of the not-for-profit culture. Eric Staley has blended his 22 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector with 8 additional years counseling small business to develop an analysis program for not-for-profits that uses proprietary approaches and many of the accountability standards and benchmarks employed by the best managed small businesses. The result is a not-for-profit organization that follows a clearly articulated plan that draws its strength from well-managed operational systems.

The Missionmapping Analysis is an objective one to two day-long diagnostic of a nonprofit’s business structure. Since the Analysis is an evaluative tool and not an audit in the traditional sense, an organization can not “fail.” On the contrary, the purpose of the Analysis is to confirm areas of strength and to strengthen areas of weakness.

The Analysis is conducted in strict confidence.

What we do:

  • Perform a quantitative and qualitative organizational analysis and evaluate alignment with mission
  • Review the business and/or strategic plan, and evaluate progress
  • Analyze revenue streams and the balance of income by source
  • Review staffing patterns, job descriptions, and functions
  • Evaluate procedures and policies
  • Examine all activities of the nonprofit that may have bearing on the fulfillment of mission, including sources of funding, earned income (real or possible), investments, reserves; operational systems and management structure; and governance
  • Evaluate all “positioning” activities relating to “filling the need,” and as related to thriving in a competitive environment
  • Offer direction on ways of operating more efficiently and increasing revenues in support of mission
  • Recommend short-term projects on a project-by-project basis for near-term positive results

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